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CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus Technologies is an antimicrobial copper thermal fabrication that is applied during the manufacturing process to continuously kill bacteria even after recontamination. Its one-time application bonds to almost any hard surface mechanically, without altering its design. This Aereus solution is cost-effective, medical grade and easy to clean.

Aereus EPA-registered antimicrobial copper products are a highly versatile way to continuously fight bacteria. Science suggests that antimicrobial copper surface contact kills bacteria with a multi-faceted attack. Its thin, durable copper alloy layer can be applied to almost any solid surface.

Antimicrobial Copper Coating

Durable Protection That Never Wears Out

Antimicrobial Copper Coating

Continuously Kills 99.9% Of Bacteria

Antimicrobial Copper Coating

Visually Appealing Finish

Antimicrobial Copper Coating

Does Not Contain Harmful Chemicals

Why CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus?

How Copper Kills Bacteria?


Copper ions on the surface are recognized as an essential nutrient, and enter the cell.

A lethal dose of copper ions interferes with normal cell functions and membrane integrity.

Copper ions impede cell respiration / metabolism, sometimes causing DNA damage.